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Wow!! I can’t believe this school year is almost over. Next year Gillian will be starting 3rd grade, she is getting so big and so smart. It seems like yesterday she was my sweet little baby girl.

With that being said. It is again that time to start thinking about her curriculum for the 2010/2011 school year. My husband and I are some what leaning towards the Switched on School House curriculum. I have heard a few different things about this one as well as Abeka. The prices are a bit steep, but which ever one we do decide to go with, I will be sure to post the progress we have with that program.

I do know for sure the one we decide to use will be the one we continue to use until she graduates from high school. Man, can you believe it I am already thinking about graduation. I wish I could keep my baby small, and not have to worry about her out in the real world, but we all know that is not possible. So, we will continue to raise her to be a respectable, non judgmental young lady, and hope she continues to take the proper path in her journey through life.

We still have a few months though to make our final decision. I would love to get some feedback on both programs. I know a lot of you home school, and I would love to know which program you use and which works the best for your family.


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  1. Firefly@fireflyblog.org says:

    They do grow up so fast. It's like yesterday that my daughter was a baby and now she is 5 time for school!
    Thank you for stopping by my site, following you :)

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