The Last Song

Today I declared Mommy/Daughter day. Can you guess where we went? Today was the opening for The Last Song, both Gillian and I adore Miley Cyrus not only is she beautiful, but she is so talented. So what was suppose to be a surprise didn’t end up being one, because daddy has a big mouth.

It has been YEARS since I went to the movie theater and I have never been to the one here in town. So when I got there I was dumbfounded on the pricing. I new the admission price, and that was steep. I paid 14 for the 2 of us to go watch the movie. I had 6 bucks left I figured that would get us a large popcorn and a soda to share. WRONG. A large popcorn is 6.25 omfg and a drink that would be another 3.50. You have got to be kidding me. I laughed said a few words, and explained to my daughter I was no way in hell buying that stuff, she reminded me they could hear me LOL. Now I know why we don’t go to the movies often. Okay NEVER.After the movie I did take her to get a kids meal from McDonalds.

Let me just say with out ruining this movie. It was well worth paying the 14 to watch. This is my opinion, I am sure others will say no. However, with being a Miley fan and into the sad romance movies this was my thing. However, if you are a crybaby like me take some tissue, I ended up crying through the last half of this movie.

After we left my daughter said we have to get this movie when it comes out. It was very touching in so many ways. What I personally loved about this movie is the connection father and daughter have. Absolutely stunning. You Rock Miley.


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  1. Glad to hear you liked it! I cant wait to see it…however, I might have to wait till it comes out on DVD lol!

  2. The last movie I seen at the movies was lilo and stitch, and that was about 7 years ago. The movies is way to pricey, but I guess it is worth it to see how excited Gillian got. Once a month rotating mom/dad I guess we can do. When this movie comes out to dvd we will be getting it for sure.

  3. If I was a Miley fan perhaps I would have liked this movie more but she’s not my favorite so it was a no go for me.

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