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When it comes to cell phones, my main thing is the ability to text. I am not huge into the smart phones, I got internet at my house I really do not need it mobile. However, I love the ability to text, but I like thread texting, I do not want to go out and get new text and whatever, I like having it as a chat so to speak.

So yesterday we decided to get the palm treo out my husband was going to use it again, and he had got me a palm centro. Yes, they are used phones the one was purchased off ebay over a year ago. So we go and put our sim cards in them, shortly after my husband gets a text message from At&t saying “this is a smart phone you need a data plan we have added one on your bill” you say you did WHAT.

I get so pissed off at this, I have been a loyal At&t customer for 4 years, we used this phone less then 8 months ago and didn’t need a data plan now I do. I am beyond pissed. I call At&t first person I speak with states there is NOTHING she can do. It is required to use that phone blah blah blah, no it is not I was just using it without no problem. I get more aggravated, to me this is a slap in the face. So I tell her in a not so nice way, FINE I will cancel my service you can let my bill go to collections and I will get different service… Do I want to do this NO. Why? Because we have been with At&t for 4 years, over all their service is not “to” bad.

So my husband calls back again same shit, nope nothing we can do sorry. He is irate by now and asks to speak with management. He gets put on with a “supervisor” and again he is told the same thing. Three different people all tell me they can do nothing… Hrm when my bill gets a bit over priced on Directv I can call them no problem and they adjust my bill, why because I am a loyal customer my bill is always paid never been shut off, and plan on never getting shut off, UNLESS my husband loses his job and we have no choice.

What is wrong with this picture? Is At&t customer service really pulling this crap, I get even more pissed. I take it to Social Media, first facebook then on twitter. I get the attention of a guy name Jason. He responds to my facebook rant and I email him with the issue at hand.

He contacted me via phone and was extremely polite. He looked into the issue I was having he took the time to listen instead of just telling me “that phone requires a data plan and you can not use is without one” I was not irate with him, because he was actually taking the time to check into my complaint. Instead of pushing me off the line as fast as they could.

Jason got everything straightened out and worked out for my family, the others I spoke with could have done the same thing if they would have taken the time to listen instead of trying to rush us off the phone.

I have worked in Customer Service before, and one thing I have learned is there should never be a CAN’T. That is one thing that will piss a person off badly. I get tired of hearing what companies can not do for me. I want to know what they CAN do for me.

After several frustrating hours and a hell of a headache later, Jason told me what he COULD do for me.

Let this be a lesson learned At&t, and any other business for that matter, when you have a customer who is loyal to you in many ways, you do what you can to make the issue they are having right. Remember, your loyal customers are the ones keeping you in business. If it was not for Jason I would have canceled my service with At&t.


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  1. I have one of those high tech phones and I had a problem with the data plan. However after calling Sprint they talked to me and were able to "update" my plan and now I am actually saving $75 a month compared to my old bill.

    But yes, its so frustrating when you call a customer service and they do nothing to help you. Glad Jason was able to help you!

  2. I was told to get sprint, but I am fond of ATT and I have talked all my family into going with them, so we all have mobile to mobile.

    Jason is what makes good customer service. I hate getting a run around. I end up with a headache and it pisses me off more.

    Business need to teach their customer service that in the business there is never a CANT, Good businesses and good customer service will do everything in their power to make a loyal customer happy.

    Remember businesses we want to know what you CAN do for us as loyal customers.

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