Craft Ideas Kids Can Do For Dad

With the economy being a bit off whack I know a lot are pinching pennies to make ends meet. However, we can still make Father’s Day special for the wonderful dads in our life. All it takes is a bit of a crafty hand. What you do not have a crafty hand? Of course you do, you just don’t know it yet. :) Below you will find some great fathers day craft ideas that will not break the bank to make, and will get a smile on dads face.

Hand Print T-Shirt

One great craft idea the kids can do that will not cost a ton is making dad a t-shirt. All you need is some fabric paints which can be purchased at Wal-Mart and a plain t-shirt. You can make this a few different ways, one way is let the kids all put their hand in the the fabric paint, then touch the back of dads shirt. Then you can come up with something to put on the front. Such as, “My kids all pat me on the back.” or some sort of saying that will remind dad that he is special. The kids will have a blast making dad a special shirt as well.

Rock Paper Weight

Take the kids out on a rock hunt. Sing a silly song while hunting for the most perfect rock. Once you find this perfect rock take it in and wash all the dirt off. Once he rocks dry let the kids paint them to look pretty. Then dad can take it to work and use it as a paper weight. When dad gets to missing the kids all he will have to do is look at his paper weight and he is for sure to smile.

Handmade Fathers Day Card

Get out the scissors, construction paper, glue and extra pictures you have. Let the kids get crafty with the construction papers, and make daddy the best card ever.

One thing I have learned as being a parent, is some of the best gifts a parent can ever get are the ones their kids made themselves. I remember the first every Mothers Day card I got. My daughter was 9 months old and my husband got out the paper and the scrap-booking scissors and made me my first every mothers day card. Yes my baby girl was only 9 months old, but she loved the one on one with daddy and making something special for momma.


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