Gillian Rant

It seems everything we buy is “Made” in China… and well it is getting on Gillian’s nerves. Whenever she picks something up she will bring it to me saying “MOM LOOK WHERE THIS IS MADE” She wants to know why since we live in the USA, it is not being made here.

Sometimes I think she is going through the house to look at where out products are made from… Her daddy told her the reason a lot of things are made in China is because it can be made cheaper there. He also told her most our electronics are made in Japan, because they are smarter.

The first time she discovered things being made in China was on the bottom of her High School Musical clogs… and her remark was “Oh China knows High School Musical too?” I about died laughing. That is when I explain to her about products being made over seas. Now she is obsessed with where things are made, and shes getting tired of seeing everything made in CHINA.


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  1. My friend’s son is excited to find things made in China. He goes “YES!” each time. Funny, I remember when “Made in China” was equated with cheap or inferior products!

    • LOL kids are pretty funny. Gillian gets super mad when she sees things made in china. She wants to know why we hardly see made in USA. I think she just likes saying “Made in china” because she looks on almost EVERYTHING we get.

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