Husband VS Dyson

When we make purchases we tend to go on the cheaper side of things. Why buy a certain brand if you can get a store brand cheaper. Well, when we was in Wal-Mart just “looking” I told my DH I needed a new vacuum. Well we happened to be passing them as I said that.

He walked up to this one, and stated that’s the one he wanted. Talking about how awesome it looked. I said yea that is a Dyson we would never be able to afford that. So he looked at the price… His remark was “500 dollars for that, it better be made of all metal. I highly doubt it is worth 500 dollars”

You can tell hubby doesn’t do the shopping.

PS. I had read some great reviews on the dyson, I am sure it is a great vacuum the price however, threw DH off guard, and sadly we will probably NEVER own a dyson, because we can’t afford one LOL.


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