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As you all know we had some pretty bad storms come through the Tipton County and Millington Tennessee area. We not only had massive flooding that caused a lot of damage, but some areas had tornadoes touch down. It was a pretty scary and a rough weekend.

During this event my sister and dad kept an eye on the weather down here as well as blew my phone up when I wouldn’t answer. Why? Because they care about my family.

While talking to my sister this afternoon she informed me that my mom, yea my biological one that has nothing to do with my child… I guess she doesn’t know how the mail system works. Anyhow, my sister said she got a text from our mom this morning asking if she could get a hold of me to see how we was since she seen that we had bad flooding and storms in this area, hrm yea like you give a damn how I am… It has been what over 4 years.

So my sister informed her she was in contact with me most the night while the crap was blasting us and we was fine. My mom goes on to tell her she still loves me and always will yada yada yada. I honestly think after my sisters and I got older my mom felt she didn’t need to love any of us no more and it was all about her… Not all has been bad with my mom, but there is only so much I as a person can take.

My mom has done me shitty every since I was about 17 years old, but that is beside the point is isn’t about me. She has an almost 9 year old granddaughter she has not seen or talked to in almost 6 years… Some grandma. I don’t give a shit if shes pissed off at me, she can have something to do with my daughter without having contact with me!!!

6 Birthdays, 6 Christmas’, 6 fucking years not a damn nothing, no card, no phone call NOTHING. Sorry but that is NOT how long someone who claims to love you goes with out nothing… I could have cared less how she did me. She was my mom I would have did ANYTHING for her, until the day she decided my daughter was nothing. Fuck with me all you want fuck with my child and you just crossed the line.


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