Time for Bed, Baby Ted Review and Giveaway CLOSED Winner Inside

Reading to your children is very important, not only does it let the child open their minds to the magical world around us, but it also give mom and dad some cuddle time with their baby. 

When I was first contacted about doing a review/giveaway for the book I was a bit iffy, because my daughter is going on 9. Time for Bed, Baby Ted is geared towards toddlers the age of 1 to 3. However, with the Father’s Day event going on right now, and with us home schooling our daughter, I decided to go ahead and go for it.

This is a very cute book, for dad to read with their little ones. I know sometimes dads can be overly busy and sometimes forget to make time for their little ones who need them more then they might think. Getting Time for Bed, Baby Ted for dad for Fathers Day would be a perfect gift, it would help remind dad to spend some quality time with the little ones even if it is reading a book with your child before bed. Soon those times will fly and your baby will be grown and not want to cuddle. So dad enjoy it while you have it.

One thing I personally loved about the book, is it gives the children a chance to role play as well. My niece came over shortly after I got the book and I read it to her, as we got to certain parts of the story she was making the animal sounds and also guessing the animals. She is 3, and we had fun with the story. The next day when she came back over, first thing she did was get the book and bring it right to me. I tried to get her to let my dear daughter read it to her, but she wanted me too. So again she was getting all excited and helping me read the story.

The Story :
It’s time for bed, but where is baby Ted? He’s not baby Ted! Try and guess what he is instead. Whether baby Ted is pretending to be a snapping crocodile, squeaky mouse, or prickly porcupine, in the end he is big boy instead and gets himself ready for bed. With a SNAP and a WRAP and a SQUEAK and a SNEAK, and a little help from his loving father, Ted gets into his pajamas, brushes his teeth, and snuggles under the covers for a good night’s sleep.

Author: Debra Sartell and Illustrator: Kay Chorao 

Price: $12.20 – $16.95

Pages: 32

Purchase from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders

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Disclaimer: I was sent the book for review purposes, all the opinions of the said book are completely mine. This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end May 30th @ 11:59pm. I will pick a winner via random.org. The winner will have 48 hours to get back with me before I pick another winner. 


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  1. I learned she grew up in Clarkston,Mi.

  2. She was born and raised by a single mom in a small town in Michigan called Clarkston.

  3. I learned that her favorite memory of her dad was him wrestling with all 4 children.

  4. Shannon says:

    I learned that her father died when she was very young.


  5. Her father died tragically when she was in kindergarten.

  6. I learned that her dad was a fireman who died when she was in kindergarten.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Her father died when she was very young. fulfam@hotmail.com

  8. I learned she was born and raised by a single mom in a small town in Michigan called Clarkston.


  9. Anonymous says:

    I learned the author was born and raised by a single mom in a small town in Michigan called Clarkston and that she has one brother and two sisters.


  10. I learned that she became a talent coordinator for stand-up comedy.


  11. I learned that her hero is her mom.

  12. Nickolay says:

    Her mom was a great bowler


  13. Fine Insanity says:

    As a child, her favorite books were by Dr. Suess!

    fineinsanity at live dot com

  14. Melissa B. says:

    Debra's dad was a fireman in Pontiac and a legend in the department.

  15. Felicia says:

    I learned the her favorite chapter book is Pippi Longstocking.

  16. cdmarteny says:

    i learned her father was a fireman and died when she was only in kindergarden

  17. I learned that Debra has two children – Cole and Stella

  18. written by Debra Sartell
    illustrated by Kay Chorao
    Holiday House, 2010
    ISBN 978-0823419685

  19. I learned that Debra Sartell was born and raised by a single mom in a small town in Michigan called Clarkston.

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