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Recently all over the internet new boycotts have been popping up over the BP oil spill in the gulf. Our local news station decided to do a report on this issue. All these BP gas stations that are family and locally owned are the ones that are mainly being effected by this whole mess.

Do I buy they are the main ones hurting, yea and no. In this report one gas station owner made a statement that BP only gets a little over a dime for every gallon sold. Gas station owner say what? So now I ask this question, if BP only gets a little over a dime for every gallon sold, why does it cost me over $2.50 for a gallon of gas. That is one hell of a jump from a dime don’t you think? So who is the one that is mainly hurting here? If you ask me it is the consumers.

Do you know how much it cost me to fill my car? Don’t worry I have no clue how much it would take to fill my car either. I do however know I put 20 bucks in it a week, and my husband works about 4 miles from our home, and I do not go to far for my grocery shopping and bill paying. I know $20 dollars only puts my car up to a half of a tank. I also know it takes my sister close to 75 or more to fill her van… So who is hurting more?

A motorist made this comment…

“Accidents happen, BP certainly didn’t plan to have this thing happen and they’re doing everything they can to get it fixed, so are all involved, so I have no reason to boycott anyone.”

Well mister motorist, yes accidents do happen. HOWEVER, when you are a multi-billion dollar company and your main thing is drilling for oil, you take every step needed to make sure this type of accident DOES NOT happen, and if for some reason it does you have a plan put into place to fix it ASAP.

Do you know how much oil is being spilled into our ocean right now? Over 12,000 barrels a DAY. Do you know how much gas that makes? Let’s see 1 barrel of crude oil makes about 19 gallons of gas. So if you got 12,000 barrels of oil being spilled into the ocean killing the wild life. That would be what 19×12000? My calculator tells me that is 228,000 gallons of gas… I am not the best in math so if I am calculating that wrong please feel free to tell me, but here is the kicker the 12,000 is the low estimate of what’s being poured into our oceans.As one of my favorite Characters in a novel says “Numbers don’t lie”

Another thing, they keep saying this is going to cause the gas prices to go sky high again. Well I seem to be seeing a different effect in our area. Gas at one BP is 2.69 a gallon before this all happened it was 2.89 a gallon. Not far down the road is yet another BP station and gas there is 2.53 a gallon and before all this happened it was 2.79 a gallon. Two BP stations less then 3 miles apart. Both getting their gas from the same source, but a pretty big gap in the price.

So again I ask the question, Who is the one really being effected here?

I would love to hear what others have to say about this mess.

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  1. On the jon stewart show, he mentioned bp had over 700 citings with osha over the last 3 years. The other oil companies had 1 to 8 during that time. Bp can weep crodile tears all they want to, but I don't believe a word they say.

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