Is blood RED or BLUE?

Now here is a funny topic… So as I was sitting here the other day my 8 year old says “mom blood inside of you is not blue, daddy looked it up.”

So of course I ended up looking it up too. I found several answers, but are they the right answer? I guess we will really never know, we can play science into factor and think what we want.

One thing I read was that the blood running through your veins is blue because that blood carries CO2 and the blood running through your arteries has O2. Why this does prove to be true about the CO2 and the O2 the color is not true. As blood loses O2 is does become darker in color.

Now another question you might ask yourself is, Then why are my veins blue? Guess what, they have an answer for that one as well… It seems that it is how the light hits the vein.

Interesting information. Want to know more Facts? Check out a great site called, Fact Frenzy.


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  1. Kat @ For the Love of Chaos says:

    I was always told blood is blue until it hits the air outside your body and when it mixes with the oxygen, it’s red. lol I have no idea though… now you have me wanting to research it. Which is funny because it really doesn’t matter what color it is, but that is how the mind works, huh? LOL We get curious and then regardless if it’s really relevant or not, we just HAVE to know LOL

    • Ya know I always thought the same. Then one day my daughter just says it, I was like daddy don’t know what hes talking about. So I googled it and I found more no blood is red then the other way around, and to tell ya the truth I think its red in the body too, because I have given blood before and that blood does not hit the air. Goes from my body to this bag via a needle in me and its all red. Seems it would be blue in the bag since it has not hit the air. From everything I read though your body already has O2 in it.

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