TadPole into Frogs

With summer here it is time we all break out the swimming pools, so the kids can have something to get into to cool down. Recently it has been super hot here and going outside is a not something you want to do. So we try to stay nice and cool under fans.

Well, Gillian’s small 10 dollar pool ended up turning green and getting some sweet little tadpoles in it, and Miss Gillian is a animal/bug/critter lover so of course she started playing with the tadpoles. She then got a bright idea to bring some tadpoles in and put them in the fish tank with our 3294730294 mollies. Okay so we don’t have that many mollies.

However, we do have about 20 in a 10 gallon tank. You see we got one from Walmart and she was a bit pregnant and she gave us 6 batches of babies before she passed on to fish heaven. So now not only do we have all these mollies we not have 3 tadpoles.

It is neat watching a tadpole turn into a frog and we got all kinds of baby fish the tadpole can eat until it turns into a frog. Gillian is not to happy that one of the tadpoles started eating a baby fish and she through a fit wanting them out of the tank… She should have thought about that before she put them in there.

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  1. Lee-Ann says:

    That would be neat to watch up close! My kids would think that is awesome!

  2. She ended up killing the one that was almost turned into a frog last night. It decided it wanted her to “hold” it…. She says it is not her fault it died the frog shouldn’t have wanted to be held.

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