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Today as I watched Headline News, a topic came on that made me to a double take. The topic involved a school in Massachusetts giving 1st graders condoms, and NOT informing the childs parents. When I first heard this my mouth dropped.

Our daughter will be 9 in August. We have always been pretty honest with her when it comes to the tough topics in life. One of the main reasons we pulled her from the public schools in the first place is because the school was allowing a boy to kiss her in a sexual manner. When I would complain I was told pretty much it was no big deal and they teach them in kindergarten to keep their hands to themselves… NO I taught my daughter that at home.

I am kinda getting sick of parents not teaching their children better and allowing them to run wild. Because whether we want to believe it or not the high rate of pregnancy is due to parents not bringing this topic up sooner and children being allowed to run the streets at a young age. However, I DO NOT feel the school should be allowed to go behind the parents back though and supply condoms to children.

It is time all parents realize children are seeing more and more things on TV and we need to start explaining things at a younger age. The age of 6 though I do not age with, but most certainly by the age of 10.

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