Tunica, MS

I am about to do the happy dance, it has been over a year since I was last able to head down Tunica, MS. We do not live to far from there it is about 1.5 hour drive one way. However, we usually do not have a ton of money we can play on and no one to watch our dear daughter.

With our birthdays and anniversary coming up, I think we are going to pack up the kiddo and head on down and stay at my favorite casino/resort. Of course I am not going to tell you my favorite resort until after we are back home. :p

I have yet to experience what the hotels have to offer, so I am pretty interested. One of the main questions I ask myself when we see about heading to a hotel for the night, (we like to just get out sometimes, so yes we will pack an over night bag and just go stay at a local hotel) How is the customer service?

You can have an amazing hotel, but if you got crappy customer service, then the hotel is not so amazing. We once went to a local Super 8 motel/hotel for the night to enjoy their indoor pool, and it was one of the most crappiest places EVER…

I ended up contacting the main super 8 come to find out this one was a locally owned one, and the main head quarters did contact her with our complaints… This lady lived in the hotel and she had cats, and she let the cat run around the hotel. When you walked by her door all you could smell was cat pee, and she was rude on top of that. She did offer us a 10$ off our next stay though, needless to say I would rather pay an extra 10$ to have better service, so that coupon went straight to the trash.

So in a few weeks I get to do 2 of my favorite things, play the slot machines, and be with my family. I get to push all my stress to the back of my head, and hopefully have a great time, with some great food, a nice hotel room, GREAT customer service, and a lot of fun on the slot machines. :)

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