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For the past few months I have been having DNS errors when trying to load short urls. It was getting rather annoying, I love entering giveaways and hosting them as well. However, I had been trying to enter the Senseo Coffee marker and my computer for some reason did not want to go to their site. I kept getting DNS errors so I could not do the Mandatory entry which was going to and letting the blog host know which flavor you wanted to try. I could have just found something in a comment I thought sounded good, but yea that would not have been fair. So now that I can view their site I would love to try the Senseo Cappuccino only problem is the giveaways are over with. :( Maybe one day I will get the chance to check them out.

Okay back to the topic at hand. I searched google and never could find my answer until the other day. If you are having dns errors with windows vista and you know it is not your internet here is how to fix it…

1.) Go to Start/Programs/Accessories and right click on the  Command prompt. You want to run this as Administrator.

2.) Then you want to type in the command box “ipconfig /flushdns” without the quotes, and hit enter. This will clear your dns cache.

3.) Then you will need to type in “net stop dnscache” and hit enter. You will see test showing you dnscache was stopped.

4.) Last type “net start dnscache” and hit enter. This will restart your dnscache, not you should be able to get to links via short url.

However, I still can not access urls. I am not sure why I keep having these issues it might be a bug via vista. I have searched the computer and cleaned it several times. Next step if this does not keep it working with be to restore the computer completely.

If anyone has any other information on this matter please feel free to comment on a fix as well.

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