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Chipmunk one of Gillian's Bunnies.

As you all may remember we got Gillian 2 bunnies for Easter. Daddy picked out the one pictured above, because Gillian wanted a black and white mini rex, and daddy thought this one was so much cuter.

I am sad though for Princess, the other bunny Gillian does more with Chipmunk then with her. We recently has to cage them back up they have a room of their own, and they was allowed to run free. HOWEVER, they like to chew the wall, so I had put card board all around the walls. I would rather them chew that then the wall. They still was not happy, cleaning that room was a chore in itself. We have a litter box back there which they would pee in, but poop PFFT all over. I was having to vacuum daily and it got to be to much so we put them back in their cage.

We had them together, but miss chipmunk is MEAN she would get jealous of princess and bite her so we had to separate them.  I have been letting Gillian bring them out to the living room one at a time and tonight it was Chipmunks turn.

Chipmunk decided she wanted to chew on daddy’s shoes. So Gillian took them from her and she got PISSED OFF. She started thumping her foot. I couldn’t figure out why she was thumping her foot, go I took to my friend google and searched it. What I found was bunnies thump when they are scared or in danger. Hmm no danger here and shes been in the living room before.

So I google some more and see they also thump when they are bored or mad, and she didn’t thump until after Gillian took the shoe from her. So my guess shes maddddddddd. Gillian went and got her toy for her and she has not thumped since.

So that answered my question. Why do bunnies thump? In our case she was mad.

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