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After doing the Back to School post, Jen from Mommy’s Hangout had a few questions for me. They was rather good questions. So I am going to post some questions here and answer them to the best of my ability.

I will start off with the basic.

Do you believe in God?

Yes, I do believe in God.

Do you believe in the Bible?

No, I do not believe in the Bible. Well, I will say I do not believe in most of the Bible.  I do believe the 10 Commandments.

Why do you not believe in the Bible?

To me the Bible has been rewritten so many times, there really is no saying if it even says what it once said. It is kind of like how rumors get started. I can tell you the sky is purple, you could call up a friend and tell them, I told you the sky was always purple. Did you notice when you called your friend you included the word “always”. Then they call up a friend and tell them something totally different. By the time it got back to me it would sound something like “Back in 1800 they had Pink dinosaurs running around under a purple sky. Do you see my point? No one will really knows how things really happened. We can believe they happened the way we want them to happen. I am not telling you that your beliefs are wrong, I am only telling you my own beliefs.

Do you believe there is a Garden of Eden?

I believe there is a place called The Garden of Eden. However, I can not prove to you this was the first garden.

Here is a question Jen asked me, when I was discussing the Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum with her.

Why do you have issues with the Christian part?

I do not have an issue with the Church part of this curriculum, when I was younger I went to Church very regularly, no I was not forced to go, I went with my neighbors my mom didn’t go just me. I enjoyed it, had a lot of fun. However, things have changed in the past 16 years. I am not saying all Churches have changed. More like the people who go to them have changed. A lot of hypocrites thinking that it is okay to sin through out the week, and go to Church on Sunday then all their sins will be forgiven.

Is that really how things work? I know several people, again I am not saying all. That are evil people that attend church every Sunday, does this not make them evil no more? Did you know the BTK Killer attended Church, was a good family man, who would have thought he would have been so evil. This list of evil in the Church is big, and no this does not mean all people in church are bad people. This just shows that not all those who attend church are what they claim to be. There is evil all over just like there is good all over as well in and out of Church.

But we was talking about the Christian part of the Curriculum, why did you start talking about Church?

I am not singling out any religion. I was raised baptist. I am speaking of all religions in general. I am just simply stating all religions (Churches)  have their own beliefs, and guess what else I am saying, I am saying if you believe in the Bible and what happened in it then, you are right that is what happened, Why? Because that  is what you believe, and I do not feel anyone’s belief is wrong. We just all have different ones.

Well, since you believe in God, but don’t believe in most of the Bible. What do you believe in?

I believe all things happen for a reason, what those reasons are we may never know. I also believe our lives are mapped out for us, and what road of our lives we take is up to us. Does this mean you should believe that, nope it doesn’t. Does this mean my daughter should believe that, nope it doesn’t. I want my daughter to believe what she wants to believe, I do not want her to feel she has to believe a certain way because her mom and dad believe in it, or because she was taught that is how it happened.

When I first decided to home school my daughter I reached out to a home schooling group in my community only to be shunned, because I was not a part of a church. I personally met with one of the ladies and that was the last time I got any sort of help from that group again, and you know what that is okay with me, I do not want to be a part of a group that will judge someone else, because of how they feel about certain things. Before we parted Halloween got brought up, she told me her kids would never go trick er treating. How they thought it was evil. Can someone explain to me how a young child could think a holiday was evil unless they was taught to believe that?

I know many in the Church thinks of Halloween as the Devils Holiday, is it really? I do not know for certain I only know what I read. Do I believe it is the devils holiday? Personally no I do not, I think people was raised to believe so and they have since passed it on to their children as being the devils holiday and so on and so forth. Jen even told me she thought Halloween was Evil, but then said that is what she was taught.

Just like Easter, that is suppose to be the day Jesus Christ has risen, but did he really? If so then why isn’t Easter on the same day every year? Again, I am NOT saying Jesus did not rise on this day. I am just stating this is what we was taught to believe, and it may have happened and it may not have happened. If you believe it did happen then it did, if you do not believe it happened then it didn’t. Our beliefs are neither truth nor fiction. They are just simply our beliefs.

So after reading all this you feel the need to tell me I am wrong or I am a evil person, or a bad parent go ahead, comments are open below, BUT just remember “Thou Shalt Not Judge”

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