Local Man finds Dinosaur Bone

As I talked to my dad on the phone tonight he was telling me about a man who found a dinosaur bone while digging a spot for his swimming pool. He told me the area in Tennessee this bone was found and it was literally 10 minutes from me. Now that is pretty darn neat.

BRIGHTON, Tenn. — When Jim Leyden picked the site for his pool, he had no idea that he hoped to go swimming where massive mammals once walked.

Digging for a new swimming pool at his Brighton home last week uncovered the jawbone of an extinct beast, possibly a mastodon or trilophodon. Those species are prehistoric predecessors of today’s elephants READ MORE…

Can you imaging what else one might find if they started digging up the ground? We will be digging a hole soon for a storm shelter I will for sure be keeping my eyes open for animal bones.

Mr. Jim and his family are thinking about donating this find to the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis.

The Pink Palace Museum has amazing exhibits, I went for the first time last year. If you are in the Memphis area I highly recommend you take a trip to the Pink Palace Museum. Every Tuesday from 1pm until closing the museum is free to the public.

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