Oscar Mayer VS Ball Park Franks

Title says it all. Do you ever sit there and compare tastes of the same food, but different brand? I usually do not to be honest. I have that out look food is food and it will make my tummy not growl at me. Now I am not saying I can eat anything that is edible, because I can not. I do not like liver yuck, and I am not huge on fish.

However, recently I noticed myself comparing the different brands of hot dogs. Recently Kroger had Ball Park Franks on sale for .99 cents. So of course I had to buy some to stock the freezer with. It has been way to hot to cook so we have been eating sandwiches and chips.

Well the following week a local grocery store had Oscar Mayer hot dogs on sale for .99 cents. I only bought one package of these, but I wish I would have gotten more. I kinda got grossed out on hot dogs the week prior. Yea yea I know hot dogs are not good for you, well neither is breathing the air outside. So anyways, I opened up the package of Oscar Mayers when I got home  pulled out a hot dog, was prepared to get a bit sick because I had hot dogs most of the prior week, and I was surprised by the tastes that touched my tongue. I had forgotten how awesome Oscar Mayer tasted.

So when it comes to hot dogs sorry Ball Park this one goes to Oscar Mayer. Keep up the great work Kraft and making great food that my family loves.

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  1. I actually buy both Brands. I won’t buy any other brand but these 2! However I noticed that Oscar Mayers are better but when I grill them on the grill i prefer Ball Park.. LOL crazy huh

    • We buy both brands to, specially when they are on sale. However, when I go grab one out of the fridge and snack on it cold I am going for the Oscar LOL.

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