Post it Note Tuesday – 1

So this will be my first Post is Note Tuesday. They say they like Rookies we shall see LOL. If you want to join in on the fun head over to Supah Mommy and linker up. Do not know how to play? No problem she wills you how here.

post it note tuesday post it note tuesday
Post it Note Tuesday
Post is note tuesday post it note tuesday

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  1. It’s been so hot here lately. and our AC (finally working now) wasn’t working right for about a week. It would work and then not work, so annoying! Combine that with the humidity at over 50% most of the time (generally close to 70) I’m glad I don’t have a job so I can stay inside and not go out in that!

    • We had central heat and air, but whoever put it in screwed it up. It doesn’t do like it should all it does is run up our elec bill so we won’t use it. We got window acs and those are not match to the heat, and that humidity is nasty. I also agree with you on the not working part, but we do not stay inside we head out back to the swimming pool. Have a great day.

  2. We hit 115 degrees last week, but it’s cooled off to 108 now. =) Around here, the dish gets left in the fridge with just a tiny bit of food in it so it wasn’t technically empty.

    • West Tennessee was about the same. Miserable. LOL and you mean the pot with a few noodles in it that got left for the kiddo. That gets on my nerves you take most of it take it all or scrap it to the trash.

  3. Happy PINT My teenager does that leaves empty dishes in the fridge or packets in cupboard …grrrr.
    I wouldn’t mind a few more packages either LOL …want to swap addresses ;-)

    • LOL If we swapped address only thing you would get from me is more empty packages for the cupboards…. :p

  4. OMG….LMAO!!! I love the one about the water.
    You done good for the first time.

    • Hey sad thing, he said he was going to shut it off, but he was unsure. He just wanted more money over the weekend is all…

  5. I just rented that movie, Grown Ups, it talks about when we were younger how we kept ourselves busy and entertained without all the video games and we played outside. Good movie! It is a hundred and hell here! So if you figure out how to cool off, let me know. Hey, how do you do your post-its in this very cool squares?

    • We watched Grown Ups a few nights ago, I am not a big movie person, and my husband came up with a great way to cool it down in here until he learned it could kill us LOL… and I put my post it notes in a table to get the boxes around them, I didn’t like them going in a line down the page.

  6. I agree on the kids going back to school. I have enjoyed hanging out with them but day trips are getting expensive and I’m tired of the “I’m bored” saying too. LOL about your husband and Happy PINT! Glad you joined!

    • We home school so she will be going to the Kitchen table to do her schooling, but at least she won’t be saying I am bored she will be doing schooling LOL. Happy PINT :)

  7. welcome to the challenge :) hope your weather turns a little bit cooler! We have been there just a few months back!

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