Gillian is not real big on dolls or big expensive toys. When she was younger her daddy and I bought her all kinds of the animated toys only for her to throw them aside and go for the little toys that only cost a few dollars. One of the toys she was real big on was the little homies you would get from the quarter machines at the store.

So when I heard about these new toys coming out called the Squinkies I new for a FACT Gillian would LOVE these. Why, because they are so adorable, and she has always loved the smaller toys. I can already tell the Squinkies are going to be the toy this Christmas, and I can see Gillian now trying to collect them all!!!


August 8th Squinkies will be available in all major toy stores. Including Wal-mart, Target and Toys-r-Us. To find out more information about Squinkies make sure you follow them on twitter, facebook and their blog. These are the places you will get all the upto date information.

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  1. How do i get the one time coupon on these?

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