Thursday Thunks – Drawing in the Sand

The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of Janera Jepson’s eyes and the number 3.

1. We know how creative Berleen is with her terrific tee-shirts and such, so how about you? Do you draw anything or perhaps your name in the sand when you go to the beach?

Omg it has been years since I have been to the beach, when I was a wee child I would draw in the sand.

2. Kimber doesn’t always leave her house. I wonder if she knows what is out her back door. What is out your back door?

A swimming pool, lots of woods and weeds that need cleaned up.

3. Do you prefer the beach, a pool or a lake? Why?

Pool we live in a snakey area. EEK

4. What is something recently that happened to you that you are REALLY excited about?

A lot of things, but I can not say yet. :p

5. I am fortunate that I come from a very close family. Are any of your great-grandparents still alive? If not did you ever meet them?

My great grandpa is still a live and yes I met all my great grandparents.

6. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group? Tell us about it.

I do not speak in front of large groups of people.

7. Have you ever bungee jumped? Would you ever bungee jump?

NO, and HELL NO. I will die if I ever did that.

8. How strong emotionally do you think you are?

Not strong at all. I guess it would depend on why I needed to be strong emotionally. If I lost someone very close to me I do not think I would be strong at all, I know I wouldn’t be. I would try though for my daughter.

9. Kimber and Berleen still have NEVER met, yet they are best friends. What is the first thing you notice about people when you meet them?

To be honest their attitude. If they have the I am better then you attitude then I do not need them in my life. I like to surround myself with people that have a great sense of humor and know we are all equal.

10. Who do you mess with the most?

What do you mean by mess with?

11. Who was the last person you talked to on a landline?

Landline what is that? I use Cell and magic jack :)

12. I finally saw Avatar this week. What was the last movie you watched long after it came out and loved?

Twilight. I did not see that until it was out almost a year. Now the new ones I watch shortly after they come out.

13. What did you dream about last night?

I didn’t dream last night, probably because I was fighting for some bed from Dear Husband.
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  1. Mommy Mayonnaise says:

    wow. you still got a chance to meet all your great grandparents? Great!
    I’m lucky enough to meet one grandpa left :)

    • Yes, I have met all my great grandparents on my moms side, most recently past within the last 5 years. My fathers side when I was way younger and I do not recall them fully. I still have one great grandpa left and he is almost 100 and still lives in his home.

      My husband however only met one grand parent his family dies young mine dies old. Kinda of scary if you think about it.

  2. everytime we go to the beach, I make sure I write in the sand, sounds fun and really looks fun

    • We do not live by a beach. I want to take my daughter some day though so she can play on the beach and in the water. All out waters are super snaky. I put my feet in the water once at the fishing spot and up comes a copper head. I got my feet out FAST.

  3. I look for and notice pretty much the same things in people. Hate fakey people. Just be who you are.

    • Me either, I guess I just do not see what people get out of trying to be something they are not. TO me we are all equal, some maybe better off, but they are no better then me. Just have less stress when the bills come in LOL.

  4. Yikes!! Snakes… thats scary! Have a great Thursday!

  5. I know what it’s like to fight for the bed space, I feel for you. You are lucky to have your great-grandpa still alive, cherish every moment. I read all the Twilight books and saw each movie at the midnight showing. I know its crazy but it is fun and its special quality time with my son he treats me to the movie each time it comes out. Have a great Thursday!!

    • My daughter is to young to treat me… I am sure if she could she would only so she could see it LOL>.. She is almost 9 and she is the one that got me into twilight.

  6. Bud Weiser says:

    I am SO jealous! I’d love to have a pool. Thanks for playing…

    • No need to be jealous it only comes up to my knees LOL But hey it cools ya off when you are hot. :p

  7. Love to swim in a pool. I like the scenery of a lake but would not go in. And we are in total agreement on bungee jumping.

    Happy Thursday!

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