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Can you believe 2010 is over half way over? You know what the means right? It means it is almost time to get those kiddos dressed up for some good old fun. When it comes to getting a Halloween Costume we always end up waiting until the last minute. This is not a good idea and is not recommended. When we do this, Gillian always ends up with something that has done been picked up and thrown back a few times and no one else seemed to want it.

So this year we are looking sooner. I have been exploring the internet in hopes to find the perfect costume for her. So far I have found a few costumes she has worn before. Ah as the memories come back.

Her first year wearing a Halloween Costume she was a little cow, then a piggy, the blue care-bear, a princess, patchwork witch, a cow girl, a vampire, a bride, and I am sure she was a princess somewhere else in between there.

This year she has also been checking out the Halloween Costumes with me and she has her heart set on Pebbles from the Flintstones.

Halloween Costumes

yabba dabba doo

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  1. OMG I know Where has this year gone! great site! I found Jada the The Princess And The Frog Tiana! I need to try to order that ASAP cause my luck i wont be able to find it later. Since All the princess and the frog stuff sells out so fast since they dont make many of it!!

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