What is the purpose in doing Memes?

This is the question I have recently asked myself. I want to be more involved in the blogging community. So I recently started joining in on some memes.

However, I have to say I am a bit disappointed. I personally thought the purpose of a meme was to have fun get a post up on your blog and a way to blog hop and have something to chit chat about… and have some fun… BUT I think I am mistaken on this. Please can someone inform me of the purpose of memes?

For the past few days I have been participating in, Thursday Thunks, Stealing Sunday, and Monday Mayhem. These are smaller memes so no reason people are not returning the comments. I am seeing them come to my blog, but are leaving with out even saying hi… That is just plan rude if ya ask me. I am making my rounds to most all of their blogs, I am also posting on almost all of their blogs. If I goto the blog I read the post and I comment. If I run out of time I try to get back to it, and I most certainly return comments to those who left one for me…

Are people just doing this to get them more comments with no intentions of leaving love for another fellow blogger who has left love to you? Well this is all I have to say about that, if you have no plans to participate don’t bother doing a post. Is that bitchy for me to say? If so oh well, I kinda feel it is a waste of my time to hop around on blogs that have no intentions on doing the same.

Rants over.

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  1. I wanted to make sure I left you some love here girlfriend

    • THANKS!!! I am for real though it just makes me wonder. These are smaller groups of people so no reason to not leave a comment.. Maybe I need to find more active memes. I just figure a smaller group of people would be more enjoyable.

  2. Aww don’t feel bad I never had luck with them ..big or small

  3. I believe you have the purpose of memes down, but it really isn’t very common for people to leave comments. At least that is what I’m finding. For every comment I receive from someone who visits from meme sources (i.e. Sunday Stealing), I get 10 people who don’t leave a comment. It used to really annoy me, but now I’m ambivalent. If I get a comment, I look at it as a bonus.

    • I just kinda feel those that do not want to comment, really shouldn’t be playing. I personally though the main reason for memes was to get to know other bloggers and have a little fun doing it. Maybe these that are not leaving comments are not aware on how it works.

      I understand not leaving a comment on everyone, but at least return the favor and go back to who let you a comment and comment back ya know… Makes the meme more fun. It will get old if you are joining in and leaving all kinds of comments and getting nothing. Might have to go with the well known ones like wordless wednessday and music monday.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I kind of feel the same way too. I’d think, too, if you wanted to participate, just do the meme and link back from YOUR site to theirs and then NOT list your blog in their link list… ???

    That makes sense to me to do it that way so that you’re participating but not inviting blog browsers to your blog.

    • I noticed people are not even linking back right though on the linky. They are posting there actually link instead of the link to the meme… Who knows just me wanting to bitch I guess. Thanks for listening :)

  5. What exactly is a meme? I’m fairly new to blogging…a little over a month now. I’m hosting a “Win it Wednesday” link up for bloggers who have active giveaways. I had seen it on other blogs and thought it would be fun to have one of these on my blog. Would this be considered a meme?

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for stopping by. I guess my definition is different then others on this. I do not think yours would be really considered a meme, but a giveaway link up instead. A meme I thought was where we all did a certain post, for instance Wednesdays big one is Wordless Wednesday, and those that linked up to play went around and comments on other posts. Its just a fun way to get to know one another and show come comment love. But it seems people are not wanting to play but link up instead. Which makes the game not so fun. Hope that helped you understand it a bit better.

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