Wordless Wednesday – 7/21

Blue BirdGillian was about 6 here. This blue bird ran into the window and got knocked out. The cats was eying her. When she came to her senses she fly away.

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  1. Glad to read that the bird got away safely from the cats. :)

  2. My Miscellany says:

    Wow, a blue bird!
    Glad to know the cats didn’t touch the poor thing. Your little girl must be fond of birds, for some reason my nieces aren’t. I wonder why.

    • She is an animal lover all together. She was very upset when that bird flew away she wanted us to keep it.

  3. BJ Roan says:

    You have a very kind daughter. Beautiful Bluebird.

  4. Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You (w/Linky) says:

    Oh wow – I’ve never seen a real blue bird around here – how cool you were able to protect her until she was ready to fly away.

  5. WOW — that bird is a gorgeous blue — so intense! Glad you guys saved it from the cat.

    • That bird has some bright blues on it. It was like wow, I had never seen one that up close and that blue before. She was super sad when it flew away.

  6. Awwww, she is too cute and the bird is really blue

  7. Yea, he was dazed for about 15 minutes she even got to hold him.

  8. What great coloring! I am glad you were able to save it from the cat.

  9. I bet he will think twice and avoid the window from now on :-)

  10. I love bluebirds. They are so pretty!

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