Wordless Wednesday- Cause of 300$ water bill

broken water pipeunderground water pipe

This picture is worth $300 dollars. In the past 11 days we have used about 85,000 gallons of water. Nope no extra zeros there. You can read about bathing the worms here. I am still wondering with all the water that was wasted underground why I do not have a pond in my backyard. Thankfully this water break was only about 2 foot underground and was rather easy to find. The bad part is it was a 30 cent part that will be costing us about 2 years worth of water for one month. :(

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  1. OUCH! That’s a lot of water.

    • Yea, this is going to be one of those bills I want to put”return to sender on” I am hoping they will work with me on paying this and not make me pay the full thing at once. Very bad timing my daughters birthday is 2 weeks after this bill is due.

  2. glad you found the “leak” before it cost too much trouble :)

    • You and me both, thats what hub said to after I fussed at the water company and we got it fixed. It could have been a lot worse. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Amazing if you were “using” that amount of water that it didn’t flood your back yard or under your house. Have you looked under the house to see if there is any standing water. What a drag. Well good thing they caught it when they did!

    • Yea we looked not standing water. There was no warning at all but the door hanger on the door from the water company. We did not find out the numbers until today. That is the same thing I was wondering why do I not have a pond in my backyard. The water man also told me if it was a leak underground we would see it. But then turned around and told my husband we might not. I am just glad it is fixed now. Thanks for stopping by. Happy WW

  4. Retrogirl66 says:

    It’s a shame that the water company doesn’t proactively look at water usage during the month and look at homes with unusual jumps in meter numbers periodically and contact people sooner, to avoid a huge bill/water loss. Hmmm. Glad it’s only $300 and not worse though….when I was an insurance agent I had heard of people’s water pipes bursting and running inside the house while they’ve been away….and having their 1st floor literally collapse and fall into the basement…causing thousands of dollars worth of water and mold damage….all because they didn’t buy a $12 burst-free metal mesh washer hose. (Which by the way, I wonder why appliance companies don’t include automatically with new washers?) Sorry you have this….but thank god it’s not much worse!

    • I agree it could have been a lot worse. We was using, well the ground was taking over 300 gallons an hour. Sad thing is we just paid a few hundred in April to get all the water lines fixed because they was leaky never to the amount of 300 though. I should thank god it was now and not in the winter though, it would have been a bigger pain to fix them. Happy WW

  5. Ah plumbimg, it is NEVER cheap!

  6. retrogirl says:

    Sorry this happened!

    Could be worse….but still $300 is alot when you’re not expecting it!

    Happy WW!

  7. Oh bummer. Sorry you have to deal with all that!

    • Thank goodness the leak was not that far underground or in a place we couldn’t get to, or we would have had to call the plumber and had to dish our more money happy ww

  8. Bummer!! I always wonder where the dripping faucet water goes. Is it really wasting it or does it just recycle back into the stream.

  9. Wow I had the same problem just last month. The elbow that took the water out of my home and out away from the foundation broke. Luckily or not so luckily some of it came inside the utility room. This alerted us so we turned the water off and only had a bill of $50.

    • I wish ours leaked in the home so we would have known something was wrong. The water company waited a week before attempting to contact us… I am sorry but if someone is using 300 gallons of water an hour they should have come told us. He said when he was here Friday he was going to shut up off. He should have it would have saved us almost 25,000 of water.. Wish they would just give us a break and be a good water company and knock off some of that bill. But they wont oh well it could have been worse.

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Oh no! At least you found it in time to not cause more damage. (((hugs)))

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