2010/2011 School Year

Monday starts the new school year, and I have to say I am super excited. I have to admit this is the first year I am not freaking out. I am sure a lot of it has to do with the fact we will be working out of an actual Curriculum instead of just working from Wal-Mart books and internet print offs.

Every year right as we are about to start the new school year I have Gillian do a small book called, All About Me. The reason I love doing this, is so when she gets older she will have something to look back at and see how much she changed over the years.

It is so amazing how a child’s taste in everything changes. Last year it was all about Hannah Montana, now this year it is iCarly and Twilight. Sure she likes Hannah Montana still, but it is not the “things”. I can also see her likes in certain “toys” changing as well.

So here is to the first of many blog posts through out the 2010/2011 school year.

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  1. She is such a smart kid

    • Yea, she is. It is funny because she can not wait to start school because of Science…. She LOVES Science. I said just wait until you get to cut open a worm and look in it… She doesn’t want to do that kind of Science she says LOL

  2. The book is such a brilliant idea! Mum kept a lot of stuff from when I was a kid, and I find little bits of things that bring back such fun memories. That said, I would have loved it if she would have done one of those books with me.

    • I just found this site last year, so her kindergarten and first grade years will be missing. I had her do this last night and I pulled her old one out and showed it to her… Funny thing she colored them almost the same… Only difference the blue and purple dress became purple and blue…

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