Balloon Animals for Birthday Parties

Gillian, loves taking the long balloons and putting a special twist on them. One great thing about the long Balloons is they give children a chance to use their imagination. Gillian has made some pretty crazy things. Such as a metal detector, and fun head gear. I tend to get nervous when she is twisting the balloons, because she never takes her time and I am worried it will pop and freak me out, because I am never expecting it.

One thing I love most about making Balloon Animals at birthday parties, is they’re always a big hit. I mean what kid doesn’t like a dog made from a Balloon, and what kid doesn’t like twisting the balloons.

With a little search on the internet, you can find how to make pretty much all the cool animals that the kids love. The basic Balloon animal shape is the dog, not only is it popular, but it is also super easy to make. :)

Or if you are wanting to make a giraffe all you need to do is adjust the length of the segments on the dog. Remember there is no wrong way to make balloon animals. Another fun thing you can do is add faces with sharpie markers, just remember to have fun and use your imagination.

You can purchase How to Blow Up Animals: A Beginner’s Guide to Fun With Balloons from Amazon. This book will not only show you how to make all kinds of different balloon animals. It will also give you hours of fun with your kids.

Please remember balloons are a choking hazard so keep away from children that put things in their mouths.

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  1. And if you see any strangers at the park making some of these try and keep your kids away from them and tell them why they should not talk to strangers with balloons

    • LMAO…. YEA I told Gillian I am going to get the balloons to make animals for her birthday. She said, good idea because Jenna and Duncan like them a lot they even go up to strangers at the park to get some.

  2. Besticansay says:

    Think..! Kid’s birthday party without balloons… No way! They love them. My nephew is so fond of balloons and good to know he can blow ’em off on his own and also does the same twisting movements without showing pity on these balloons…Poor balloons, lol. The bad habit I don’t like about the kids is that they don’t want to leave them off (the balloons) even when they burst off….ever noticed the kids blowing off the burst balloons?

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