Birthday Party Themes

One great thing about planning a child’s birthday is all the themes to pick from. I know whenever we plan our daughter’s birthday we try to go all out with matching theme party supplies. If you are confused on what theme to go with, take into consideration what type of things the birthday child loves. Another great idea is take the birthday child to the local party supply store and have them pick out what they would love for their birthday event. Our children are only young once, so why not give them memorable birthdays to remember.

Once y’all have an idea with the basic theme now is the fun part. Use the main theme to base your colors on. If your child has decided with a ladybug theme, get some red and black streamers and decorate them like lady bugs. Use your imagination and have fun with it.  You can also take construction paper and make ladybugs to add to the walls in the room you plan on having the party. Another idea is to make a ladybug pinata. These are so much fun to make, and you can include your child in on it.

Another great thing about birthday parties is they are so much fun for us parents to plan, and if done right they can be very inexpensive. I have used empty toilet paper rolls to make table center pieces.

As your children grow older they are not going to want all the neat decorations. They will only want the money in a card and a ride to the mall. So use this time when they are young to throw some of the best parties possible.

However, if you decide to throw a surprise party for an older child, you can still have a lot of fun planning. Just take your child’s feelings into consideration they might be a grump and make the celebrating spirit be a bit down. So if your child likes going to the movies maybe plan a party at the local movie theater where you allow them to invite a few close friends. Then afterwords maybe treat them to some pizza and ice cream. Or if this will be to much money. Let them do pizza and a movie at the house. Making home made pizza can be super fun. Just remember messes can always be cleaned up so if a little flour gets thrown around all it takes is a wet sponge to clean the mess up. :)

No matter what our ages, birthday parties give us a great excuse to be a kid again. Not only that planning the parties are a lot of fun as well. Just remember when having a birthday party you are celebrating life for have fun, let loose, and let the kids have fun. You can never get to loud at a birthday party.

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  1. So, I should expect really great food and decorating at Gillian’s party? I will be taking notes!

    • Not this year. :) Massive car payment has caused a slack on the birthday :) If you would have known me before all the mother in law drama then you would have needed a book to take notes on the parties I have thrown her. On her 7th birthday my husband and I spent over 1000 dollars on food, decorations, and presents. At the time he was making 16 an hour and we didn’t have a car payment and full coverage insurance bill either.

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