Companies Shitting on Employees

Every where you go you hear “be thankful you have a job”. Yes, I am thankful my husband has a job, but if his employer is not thankful they have employees and attempts to walk all over them, then how are you suppose to be Thankful?

My husband works for a very large grocery chain, he makes decent money. However, the managers and the big wigs in his division, feel they do not make enough money. So to get more money for them and to screw their employees, they cut hours. How can you cut hours of a full time employee? You go against Union handbook and make them take 3 days off during the Holidays, and IF these full time employees disagree with you, you suspend them… What does this do for the store managers? It gives them bigger bonuses because they are saving the company hours.

When will companies realize if it wasn’t for their employees they wouldn’t have a company. When working in any business that involves interaction with “customers” we are told customers are always right. So if the customers are always right, and the management can never be called out, where does that leave the employee? It leaves them at the bottom of the toilet being shit on. Nice huh?

My husband has worked for this same company for years, he has busted his ass many times over only to be shit on.

What will it take for companies to realize with out their employees they would have NO company?

So Wal-Mart, Target, Krogers, McDonald’s and all you other big companies that find it cool to walk all over your employees and treat them like dirt, You might want to think twice next time. You never know when they will all get fed up and walk out. Then where will you be?

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  1. If employees get fed up and walk out, there are probably 20+ people waiting to take their place. That’s the reality. Right now, it is an employer’s market. They are empowered by the high unemployment rates to do things they would not have done a few years ago simply because employees really are that expendable nowadays. It’s unfortunate, but it is true.

    But take heart, for every horrid employer – there are three good employers who recognize the value their employees bring to a company and do their best to appreciate them – even in tough times. The trick is finding one of those employers. They aren’t always obvious, but they are there.

    • I agree with you on that one, this boss though can not keep employees for long. My husband is in the Union so as long as the workers stick together and file grievances against this one boss, they will have to transfer him to a different store. That is the way it works at this company.

      I also know most the town will not go to this business because of that “managers” attitude and how he/she is.

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