HomeSchooling Laws- Differ Between States

Homeschooling is increasing on a yearly basis, and just like public schools, we must have laws and guidelines to go by. Although, homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, each state has different requirements, and guidelines that homeschooling families must follow.

While some states simply require a parent wishing to homeschool fill out an intent notice with their local school official, other states require the parent have a lesson plan already planned out, which must be approved by the school board, before they can start home schooling. Failing to follow these laws can get you in a lot of trouble and may result in jail. So before you decide to home school be sure to read up on your states home schooling laws to make sure you meet all requirements.

I am no expert on these laws therefor I can not tell you what each states allow, and don’t allow. I can tell you, you must keep good records of your schooling. Each child should school for at least 4 hours 185 days out of the year. Some states it is also required you as the teacher have a college degree. This is not a requirement for all states. That is why it is extremely important that you check into all the laws in your state regarding homeschooling your child.

Also, certain state require that you take the child to the board of education to take all tests and assessment tests. These are to assure you are actually teaching your child. Some states also require homeschoolers to take the same tests that the public schools are taking. Or they may require your child to have regular evaluations by qualifying teachers. However, this is not all states, only certain states. Home schooling laws tend to change often so it is a good idea that you keep up with the laws regarding home schooling in your state.

Just remember each state has different laws and even though it maybe okay for your sister to home school without notifying anyone in the state she lives in, might not make it okay for you to home school with out notifying anyone if you live in a different state. All states have different requirements and laws. One great way to find out home schooling laws in your state is to contact your local board of education and ask them. Also, with a bit of research online you may find everything you need.

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