How To Make a Birdfeeder

Did you know there is over 100 billion wild birds on earth!!! How awesome is that, in order for these birds to survive they must eat so much a day. So to make things easier on birds we like to build them houses and feeders. What is more beautiful then watching a mess of hummingbirds eat.

Making a bird feeder with a child is not only educational but it is super fun. One great thing about this craft is you can make a bird feeder out of pretty much anything laying around the house. If for some reason you are not into making one of these nifty bird feeders you can always buy one. However, it is a lot funnier to make with your little ones. :)

Some Items You Will Need:

•    An empty container. This can be a milk jug or juice container. Just something simple to work with.
•    String, you need to make sure this is strong. You will be using it to hold up the feeder.
•    Scissors, you need to have away to cut.
•    Stapler
•    Hole punch, this is optional you can always use the scissors to make your holes.
•    2 small sticks or wooden rods, again this is optional, but it would be super cool to watch the birds have a place to stand while eating.
•    Bird seed, need to feed these hungry little things.
•    Markers, paint or anything which can be used to decorate the carton. Make sure the paint is water based, you do not want to hurt the birds.


1.    Make sure to wash and dry the container you are using thoroughly. You do not want spoiled food in it.

2.    Here is where the fun part comes in, let your children decorate the container however they want. There is no wrong way when making a feeder. So let the children explore their imagination.

3.    Now this is where the Adult comes in, using the scissors take and cut a square in each side of the container, make sure the square is big enough to fit at least the head of a bird in it.

4.    If you have a hole punch make a small hole below the squares you just cut out. If you do not have a hole punch just use the Scissors, but becareful not to hurt yourself.

5.    Take the sticks you have and push them through the holes from one side to the other.
6.    Now fill the bottom of your container with bird seed and get ready to watch the beautiful bird.

7.    After you have your bird feeder painted and filled with bird seeds, make 2 holes towards the top, one on each side. You will use these holes to put your string in to hang. You want to make sure you have the string tied tightly so it does not fall.

These bird feeders are not made to last forever. However it is a very fun and inexpensive way for your children to learn about wild life and their eating habits.

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