Organizing a Birthday Party

Our children will only be children once. So we as parents try to make the special days like Birthdays and other Holidays as memorable as we can. Sometimes what looks easy when planning for these special days can really turn out to be a big hassle.

If you have planned a party before then you know what I am talking about. Here you will find a few ideas to make planning that perfect day for your child a bit less stressful, and more organized.

As I mentioned in a previous post it is a great idea to have a theme in mind to work off from. If you have yet to pick out a theme now is the time to start deciding for sure what you want to base this party on. Once you have the theme in mind it will make planning everything a lot smoother.

One of the main things to a perfect party is the preparation, and planning. With a bit of organization, you will have a smooth operation when getting the guest list ready, sending out the invitations, getting all the decorations in order. The menu you want to serve and the games you want your party guests to play. You can to do all of this with a bit of planning. Once you have everything organized you will have no need to stress over what needs to be done now, and you can enjoy yourself when it comes time to have the party.

So let’s get a list of things you will need to keep in mind while planning the perfect birthday party. Get out your pen and paper and write down as you go. Make sure to put this list in a safe place.

Budget – Budget is the very first on this list. You need to figure out how much you have to spend on this party. Remember you can have an awesome party with a small budget.

Date – Now after you have figured out how much you have to plan this party, pick a date. Make sure the date does not fall on any other event, such as someone else’s birthday, or a special event.

Location – Do you want to have the party at your home? Or maybe a pizza place or a park is a great place for a birthday party.

Do-it-Yourself or Buy Services? – Are you going to hire a party planner? Or do it all on your own with family members help? Please keep in mind the budget you are working with.

Number of Guests – Do you only want a house full of kids? Or do you want to invite all their parents? If you want parents as well then make sure when you plan the menu you get enough food and drinks for everyone.

Menu – What do you want to serve? Maybe you want to order pizza, or subs. Again plan the menu based on your budget and how many guests you plan on having. If it is a summer birthday maybe grill-out some hot dogs and chips to go with it.

Invitations – How do you want to invite your guests? Want to email family and friends? You can make a cute invitation and send it via email. Or maybe you want to send it through the mail. Again you can either purchase invitations or you can make them on the computer and print them.
Games and Activities – How do you want to entertain your guests? Musical Chairs, duck, duck goose, maybe pin the tail on the donkey.

Decorations and Supplies – This is all the things that make your party great, the plates, forks, cups streamers, those goody bags for the guests. If you plan on ordering bounce houses, or anything else you want to use for decorations.

Schedule – Decide if you want games first or dinner first. When does the birthday kid open their presents.

Once you have your list all down on paper, it is time to get to planning. Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan. I recommend a month in advance. This will give you enough time to get those invitations to your guests. The main key to a successful party is preparation. As long as you have a plan to put into action things will run smoothly and your child will have a great birthday party!

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