Preton Print Green Ink Saver Review and Giveaway

With being a homeschooler, I use a lot of ink. I have a somewhat older printer so it does not have all those fancy economy printing options. Have you seen the price of ink lately? It seems the ink I currently use has even went up in price. For both the Black and Colored it is $33 ouch!

Recently Preston contacted me about reviewing their ink saver software. At first, I was somewhat skeptical on this software. I mean how is this going to save me ink. After browsing the site, I learned fast how this would save me money on ink.

After looking over their site, I learned how the program works. The software’s designed, to have you use less ink by printing lighter. When I print out schooling, I do not need it extremely black. I just need to be able to read it. It also gives me the option to remove images from my printing. I love this feature. I have tried to do it in my actual printing software and I could not figure it out.

This program had no problem detecting my printer. All I have to do is have it run then when I go to print a window will pop up asking me how much I want to save. It will also give me the option to remove images. Over all I think this is a great program and I have currently saved .74 cents and my current annual savings is almost 40 dollars!!! That is enough for another color, black and some printing paper!

You can try the ink saver software now, just head on over to Preton and download a 14 day trial. If you print a lot then you need this software.

I also have 4 software license codes to giveaway.

Mandatory to Enter: Head over to Preton’s site and tell me something you learned or what you think you will like about this software.

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Giveaway ends September 15th @ 11:59pm CST. Giveaway is open Nationwide. I will pick a winner via “And the Winner is” Plugin. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me back and or a new winner will be drawn.

Disclaimer: I also received a code for review purposes, receiving this code for free did not change this post in anyway.

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  1. I learned that Preton won the 2009 NLS Innovation Award For Environmental Technology!

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  8. I love the fact that it encourages green printing.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  9. Samantha A says:

    It is great that it has the intelligence to differentiate between different items on the page – saving more ink when possible and using more ink when needed. Clever

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  14. I learned that the price for a liter of Ink is very expensive so that it allows manufacturers to reduce the price for printer itself.

  15. I also took the Green Printing Quiz and scored 80%.

  16. melinda smith says:

    Preton’s ink saver software supports all ink-jet printers and laser printers.

  17. Love the fact that it encourages green printing!

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  27. It keeps track of how much I save in ink

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