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I am excited to announce within the next few weeks I will be doing a review on these awesome toys. If you read my Squinkies post a view weeks ago, then you will know Squinkies hit stores on August 8th, and when I say they hit stores they hit stores, I have been in 2 different Wal-Marts thus far. One was out and the other was almost out.

I guess I am not the only one that sees these Squinkies being the “toy” this Christmas Season. Those ebay price jackers are already at it with jacking the prices up on the Squinkies. So my advice to anyone who has Squinkies lovers, and you are wanting to get them some for Christmas, if you see them in stores GET THEM, do not wait until Christmas, because chances are you WILL NOT find them at Christmas except on ebay when they are selling the $9.99 packs for $40 bucks a pack.
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To find out more information about Squinkies make sure you follow them on twitter, facebook and their blog. These are the places you will get all the upto date information. While you are at it head on over to the Squinkies Website and print out some cute coloring pages.

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  1. Jen Bishop says:

    Wow! Where’d these come from? It’s like they weren’t there, then the kids were asking for them, and then the stores here in town are out of them.

    I got some at squinkies website but it worries me that the prices will shoot up like they did last year with Zhu Zhu Pets. Thank god for ZhuZhus website! They saved me when Target and Walmart ran out.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m going to buy a complete set now, and then I’ll pass them out to the kids a few at a time.

    Does anyone know when they’re coming out with more Squinkies bubble packs?

    – Jen

  2. They are very hard to find.

    Get them while you can. They will be more popular than those frisky Zhu Zhu’s

    • Believe it or not my local Wal-mart is doing really well at keeping them on the shelves, not sure if because demand is low in this area, or we just have a lot of poor people who are not buying to profit on ebay within the next few months. I have bought a few different ones today as well as last Thursday.

  3. ryannosaurus.rexx says:

    The local Toys R Us actually had a good stock on the shelf AND they were 25% off!! picked up a few for my kiddo… Shopping at Target later that day, and found the shelves were bare. Sounds like i should get them all and “ration” them out here and there.

    Cool toy, my 2YO loves them!

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