Switched on Schoolhouse Day 3

Today was the 3rd day that we have used the Switched on School House curriculum by Alpha Omega Publications. I have to say I am loving this curriculum. It is taking some getting use to, Gillian loves the arcade games and ends up doing schooling a lot longer then she has to because shes busy playing the games.

I have adjusted myself to the either issues I spoke about, and am fine with it for now. Next year we will use SOS for Math, and Language Arts only. Then for the Science and History we will us another curriculum.

However, one issue we are having with this program to start schooling we each get errors. I will look it up and see if it is normal or if I have a setting set wrong.

On top of her doing the work on the computer I also have her do her spelling words on paper to help her work on her writing skills. I can already tell this school year is going to be awesome.

I have found as I am reading the chapters to her, she cuts in and takes over with the reading this is HUGE, because she usually fusses when I try to get her to read.

As we continue to progress I will continue to share my views on this program.

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  1. Hi again!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the curriculum. We appreciate your honest feedback! Let me know if you can’t get the technical issues worked out and we’ll try and work to fix them together.

    Ryan from Alpha Omega Publications

    • I will do a search on the website this weekend to see if they have a fix for it. So far I have found the tech support on the site to be great. I had issues installing it on the other computer, found out it was the firewall and the site offered step by step directions on how to install and have the firewall re enabled to work with the program. Thanks again.

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