Why Homeschool

Many parents ask themselves this on a daily basis. Some wonder if they can do it. I admit homeschooling is not for everyone, you need to have patience, and you can not expect your child to learn everything on the first try. Being a home-schooler can be a bit over whelming but the reward is worth it.

Homeschooling is growing fast in the United States, it is estimated that homeschooling has increased by 15% each year over the past several years. With roughly 2 million homeschooling families in the US  and over 4 million homeschooling families world wide.

What are the benefits to Homeschooling:

There are several benefits to home schooling, you don’t need to get up early during the week. You do not need to purchase new school clothes every year. You do not need to mess with the list of school supplies your child needs on the first day of school. You do not need to worry about your child getting sick from the other kids.

One of the most important benefits of all is YOU get to be in charge of what your child learns, and your child will learn better, because they are learning at their speed and not the speed of the teacher teaching.

There are so many more benefits to home schooling, this is only a few. If you decide to take the journey to homeschooling your child you will see all the benefits that come along with it.

What are the Cons to Homeschooling:

I have yet to find many cons to homeschooling. The biggest issue I have had homeschooling is finding the right curriculum. That is the most challenging. You have to decide which one will be best for your child. You may have to go through some trial and errors to find the one that will best suit your family, and just because one curriculum will work with one child does not mean it will work with your other children. All children learn differently.

However, that is another benefit to home schooling all the freedom you have when you are schooling. The options are endless, if you have a child interested in trains, work your schooling around trains. Maybe you have a child that is big into bugs. For math use ants to count, or start an ant farm and watch your ants work. As stated before you have FULL control and the options truly are endless.

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