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GourmetGiftBaskets.com Brews World’s Largest Cup Of Coffee: 2,010 Gallons to Break Guinness World Record at Blog World Expo, October 15

Can you imagine drinking 2,010 gallons of coffee? I know I cannot, if I was to drink that much coffee I would be sitting in the bathroom. Heck why don’t I just take it to the bathroom with me. I do not think that one would go over to well with the family, mom hiding out in the bathroom all day sipping on her cup of coffee. Of course, I would be using the cup from Gourmet Gift Baskets big win.Oh, I can see the conversation now…

Husband says “Honey I am hungry”

I reply with “I will go get you something when I am done in here” (while thinking to myself haha sucker time to learn to cook I got 2010 gallons of coffee to drink, I won’t be out for days.)

Then here comes dear daughter, “mom when are we doing to the store you said in a minute”

Mom’s evil thinking kicks in again “We will go in a minute dear just go start picking up the house and when I am done we will head out, and if you get the house all picked up for momma I will buy you a surprise” (listening as daughter rushes through the house picking everything up)

2 hours later another knock on the bathroom door. “Mom the house is all picked up are you almost done” mom replies “yes dear only 2009 more gallons of coffee and I will be ready to go”

See the truth is being a mom, and wife there is never enough time in the day. On the days there is enough time you still feel overly stressed, on those overly stressed days you just want to lock yourself in the bathroom and indulge yourself in a nice hot cup of coffee.

What is so neat about Gourmet Gift Baskets new record for largest cup of coffee, is the cup of coffee was 2010 gallons, they did pretty good at making the amount be the same as the year they won! This however is not Gourmet Gift Baskets first record breaker, on August 15, 2009 they broke the record for making the largest cupcake! This cupcake had 2MILLION calories, yes you read it right 2 MILLION calories.

For more information about Gourmet Gift Baskets breaking the largest cup of coffee at the Blog World Expo you can read more about it at Gourmet Gift Baskets site!

They brewed about 250 gallons of coffee an hour, to fill this huge cup.

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