hCG Diet Day 1

Today is a new day and hopefully a new start to my weight loss journey. I have struggled for many years with my weight, whenever I get motivated and start losing I go in a standstill, then I become depressed and give up. I have to learn not to quit, but it is so hard.

I have recently started hearing a lot about the hCG diet. At first, I was extremely iffy about this diet. However, a few friends have done this and have seen great result, so what do I have to lose, a lot of weight so what the heck.

Today is day one of my first day on the hCG diet. I will be taking the injections. My husband is also going to do this with me, so we can support and encourage each other.

The first 2 days we will be loading, which means eating whatever we want YES. I love to eat and that is what makes it so hard to lose. If I cook dinner for my husband and daughter, I cannot just eat a small amount I want more. After I am finished eating, I want sweets, and so on.

I have learned to control my eating habits to a point, now I need to learn proper portion control. My goal for this diet is to reprogram my brain on proper serving sizes, and to let myself know I do not need all the food I put into my body.

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog. I have been looking into starting this program for a while, and I look forward to reading into your progress.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t found any practitioners in my area.

  2. Good luck. I’m just finishing up my first round, I do my last injection on 10/5… I’ve lost 31 pounds since 8/23.

    • Thanks for the luck, my husband and I are doing this together so we will only be doing it for about 20 days each, this is to give us a jump start on our weight loss goal.

  3. What kind of injections are they? I searched online and only seen drops. Is this doctor supervised? I need to diet too but can not seem to get motivated.

    • These are prescriptions so that is why you can not find them online, you can find the needles, and syringes as well as the special water you need to mix the hCG in, but the hCG itself is a prescription. Now there is some low hCG drops that you can purchase online, I was told hey work just as well, only difference is they are a lot cheaper and easier to get. I personally can not say this is true, because I have not taken the drops.

      Just be advised this is a VERY STRICT diet, if you do not follow it, you will not see results.

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