hCG Diet Day 5

Today makes day 5 of the hCG diet, so far so good. I have been getting some headaches, I had read this is normal for the first week or so. I am down 8 pounds as of this morning. I am super excited for the changes.

I am not hungry BUT I want to eat anyways because I miss the taste of certain foods. I have learned to control my urges or wanting to take those corn dogs from the freezer and place them into the microwave.

I personally can not wait for this diet to be over with, I have already learned a lot in these few days on how important it really is to watch what you eat, and no I do not mean watching it as it enters your mouth.

I made my daughter some boxed mac and cheese last night, I so wanted to sneak a bite, but I didn’t. Did you know a box of mac and cheese has 450 calories per 1 cup when prepared! That is a lot, I can eat 200 grams of chicken breast grilled, a nice amount of lettuce, 1 apple, 1 orange, and a cucumber for less then 450 calories. Now all I need is a great imagination so I can pretend it is some yummy kraft mac and cheese.

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  1. WTG! I love this diet! It really makes you learn about food intake!

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