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So, I have to admit, I am a huge addict of Zynga games on facebook! What seemed like an innocent thing to do to pass time, I accepted a neighbor request to farmville, started playing and realized I was slowly getting reeled in. My daughter seen I was playing and wanted to play as well, so I set her up a facebook account to check out farmville with me. Big mistake, she is also hooked now! Before all you start talking about my 9 year old being on facebook, I have complete access and control of her account, and she is NOT allowed to add people. I do add others that play the games, but they have no way to talk with her unless they post on her wall, and I monitor everything that goes on her wall!

With that being said, since we have started playing farmville, she has talked me out of some farmville cards to get her some cash, and we have, okay so I have since started also playing Frontierville, and Cityville, both which are zynga games. Gillian on the other hand has to check out all the little facebook games, because shes a game junkie, runs in her blood!

Anyhow, to get to the reason behind this post, the other night as I sat here, my daughter was at her computer playing yoville, when she goes “Mom this girl just called me the B word and told me to get the h out” I was like “WHAT, what game are you playing!” She told me yoville, I told her get off I do not want you playing it no more. Then I started to get mad, I mean extremely mad, so I get on my daughters account, I go find this person that just called my daughter a bitch for no reason and told her to get the hell out of this house or where ever she was, I found her, in a place called the club or whatever.

After my daughter informed her she was only 9 she kept on with the lashing of her tongue! So I inform this girl I was Gillian’s mom, and Gillian was 9! I said a few choice words, let the girl know Gillian DID NOT WANT HER CARTOON CHARACTER BOYFRIEND, and let her know if she spoke those words to my child again she would no longer be playing yoville. She blamed her friend, even though Gillian was smart and took pictures of this girl calling her a bitch, and such!

I mean really Zynga you tolerate this sort of behavior on your games? A little advice to the creators of Zynga games if you are going to allow your games to be open for everyone to chat with each-other, even if they are not your facebook friend, maybe it is time to look into some sort of censorship, or getting some monitors, to make sure everyone is playing nicely!

On another note, Gillian is not allowed on Yoville no more! I will still allow her to play the games they do NOT allow you to chat with others, my daughter is not the only one who has had issues with Zynga games and the rude players, my sister has also had issues, and she will not have her profile picture as herself any longer because of the trash these people speak in the games where zygna allows chatting. My sister has also walked away from all zygna games!

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