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As I have stated before I will do pretty much anything in reason in the attempts to lose weight, I am double the weight I should be! I shouldn’t really say anything, because there is some things I wouldn’t do, but as far as products or certain types of pills, yes I will test them out.

If you have been following the Tied To Be Fit event you have read some about my struggles, and about the different products I have tested thus far. For the past few weeks I have been taking this product called AllDaySlim.

What is AllDaySlim?
AllDaySlim is a dietary supplement based on the revolutionary Leptisol® system,
a patented combination of Assam Gelugur fruit extract and orange peel oil. This unique all-natural mixture supports appetite reduction, increased fat burning and
the reduction of belly fat – all without being stimulating to the nervous system.*

AllDaySlimAllDaySlim  is not a lose weight fast, miracle weight-loss supplement, like all other supplements, you must work with them, in order for them to work. I started taking AllDaySlim on January 1st, during the holidays I gained a little bit of the weight I had currently lost, eeks.

So when it came time to taking these pills I was all for it, last year I managed to drop 30 pounds, yes I had the help of certain fad diets, but I also worked out, not as much as I should have, this year my goal is 50 pounds, I would love to lose it in 6 months, and double that weight loss to 100 pounds being dropped this year, but I will be real, I know there will be says I splurge, and days I do not feel like working out, so as long as I can meet my 50 pound lose for the year 2011 I will be thrilled!

When I first opened the bottle of AllDaySlim I was hit with the smell of orange yummy, at least I wasn’t taking a stinky pill, a little after taking my first pill I started burping orange like crazy this has lasted the whole duration so far of taking the AllDaySlim pills, it really doesn’t bother me though, because I like oranges. Right away I noticed a sense of feeling full after eating. I also noticed something else, I don’t know if this was just me or not, but I started feeling discomfort in my stomach, this would happen about an hour or so after taking the pills, and would last maybe 10 to 15 minutes.

On January 3rd, I took all my basic measurements (bust, hips, waist, thigh both right and left, arm both right and left), to see my progress while on this supplement, I am happy to report a little over 2 weeks of taking these pills, like directed I am down 5 pounds and 7.5 inches, please keep in mind I have been also working out almost daily, anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes a day, and I have been watching what I eat.


You can purchase AllDaySlim from their website. AllDaySlim retails for $69.95 + $4.95 S&H for a one month supply.

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Disclosure: I received a one month supply for my honest review, everything stated in this review is my own personal experience with AllDaySlim, as stated above, I have been working out as well as watching what I eat. Other people may experience different results due too every ones bodies being different. I received no other form of payment.

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