Diet VS Life Style Change

On my last post “Does Calorie Counting Work” I got an interesting comment. However, it looked to be spam, it was linked to a debt consolidation place in the UK, so I trashed it. I want to address a few things in this comment though so below you will see the comment, then I will give my opinion on the matter.

I agree with you that calorie counting doesn’t work. A few years ago I went on a very strict calorie counting diet and I did loose quite a bit of weight but it soon went all back on after I stopped the diet. So in the long term I don’t think it works. I need to loose a bit of weight now really, not a lot, maybe 10lb or so would make me happy so I’m planning to do it by doing an exercise DVD every day and stopping snacking!!!

In the following post, I never said calorie counting didn’t work, I said it was not for me, but I later learned when you first start out YOU NEED to count calories, YOU NEED to have a food journal, YOU NEED to keep track of it all, so you can hold yourself accountable for your intake, this will give you a better understanding of your body, of proper portion sizes, and it will help the scales go down. I am proof I am losing a pound a day, I am not starving my body, I am full, I am eating a lot in a day, because I am spreading out what I eat.

Another thing this poster states is, when they was counting calories they lost weight, but when they went off the diet they gained it all back, I just wanna say YOU THINK? I will be blunt I will not sugar coat this, my highest weight was 315 pounds! Yes 315 pounds, I went on lots of diets, lost the weight gained it back, lost the weight gained it back, wanna know why I lost only to gain, because after losing the weight, I went right back to my old ways. A diet is not a quick fix to drop pounds, a diet is a life style change, if you do not want to gain the weight back after the “diet” then you can not go back to your old eating habits, you can not go back to being lazy. Do you think after I rid myself of all this fat, YES I am going to rid my body of all this fat, I am going to go back to being lazy, go back to not working out, HELL NO!!! I am not going to bust my ass to drop all this weight only to gain it all back.

If one is serious about losing weight they have to give it their all, we give our children our all right? We need to give ourselves are all as well, OR we will not be around as long as we should to keep giving our children our all. Counting calories helps our brain see a serving size, soon I do not want to count calories, I want to go in the kitchen get a bowl of cereal and NO just by site, what a serving is, that is the whole point in counting calories is to properly learn portions. The main thing to reaching the proper goal in weight is PORTION CONTROL.

As stated before I didn’t think I was eating a lot, I really didn’t, after counting calories, I learned my portions was doubled some times tripled what they should have been, that is why the scales bounced a lot.

Yes, I am a fat girl, I do not want to be this fat girl no more, but there is only one person who can change that and that is ME. So, if you are serious about losing weight as well, I strongly urge, and encourage you to start your own food journal, you do not need to show this to anyone but yourself, but I personally feel it is the main key to being successful in losing those unwanted pounds!

Good luck to all those working on their goal weight! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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