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Just a few weeks ago I made a statement, that calorie counting wasn’t for me. I said I would rather just watch what I was eating and go from there, well I am here to say I was so wrong. Calorie counting is indeed for me, I did a review on From Fat To Fit by Carole Carson and after reading Carole’s story it made me realize if I went public with my weight issues, I to could see the same results she was seeing.

I didn’t think I could be as disciplined as she was though, I didn’t think I could do a food journal, I think the reason was I didn’t want to know how many calories I was actually consuming in a day. After I posted my review to Carole’s book she came and left a comment, I was so touched by her comment, the kind words she said made me sparkle.

On Saturday January 22nd, I decided I needed to do a food journal and to count calories, I had to see if it made a difference. So Saturday morning I opened up a word document, and I made a table in the document, it is 7 across and 31 down, I just realized to get the 31 days, I needed to only make it 5 down lol.

In this Journal of mine, I log what I eat, what time I eat it, how many calories it is, I then keep track of any exercise that I do for that day, at the end of the night I add up the calories I consumed in that day. So far so good, I am so proud of myself for sticking to it, yea it has only been  4 days, but in those 4 days I have consumed less then 1500 calories, but more then 1200, I have worked out 20 to 30 minutes a day on the elliptical, I do not feel hungry between meals, because I am eating snacks in between, so when I get ready to eat my meals, I am eating an actual serving, not Jammie’s serving, but the serving for that meal.

I was over calculating a serving, and taking in more calories then I should have, this is why the scale was doing a bounce, this is why the scale didn’t want to move! Since I have started keeping track I have been losing a pound a day! Yes, a pound a day, I know in time the scale will slow down, and I will lose less, that is fine with me, one day, I will have that body I have longed for, for years.

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  1. Carole Carson says:

    Sometimes I think I should have titled my book, “To Tell the Truth,” because that is the process you’ve described above. Journaling is the tool we use to tell ourselves the truth about our relationship with our body. And as you’ve discovered, the truth can set you free.

    Carole Carson

    • I think that is why so many fail when it comes to losing weight, because they are afraid of the truth when it comes to putting things into their body.

      I am not gonna lie I am going to enjoy certain things I love, but I am going to be more careful, I am going to eat a serving, just because I have a big bowl in front of me does not mean it needs to be filled. I need to be true to myself, as well as my food journal. I will not fail this, this whole month has opened my eyes, it has made me realize how important things are. I am opening my blog to just that letting the rest of the world follow me on my journey to become thin!

      Have a Blessed Day Carole!

  2. Random Reader says:

    I always hated the idea of calorie counting myself.
    Never thought it was reasonable. Ive read books and they seemed to help my psycological relationship but not quite the response to stress and all that.

    A bit ago I got an app for ipad and itouch, my fitness pal and lose it i was debating wether i really wanted to turn to a calorie counter. I did for a month and it works. Im an engineer, I know MATH works no doubt… The app sat in the ipad for months, till one day I decided to make use of it and be serious w myself.

    The first couple days saw good encouraging responses… last 2 days the scale has gone up. However I realized my water intake had been low… so im making WATER responsible for the scale going up.
    However, being the nerd I am, Im telling myself as long as I ensure im doing a daily net of about 1200 or 1250- after including work out and all- Regardless of what the scale says right now, eventually it will show. Math really doesnt lie- and im counting on it, literally.

    The apps have made it easier, there is less guestimation. So far im sticking to the first one, though I liked the reports on the second. But I got tired of writing it all twice.

    It does help control random eating, Im not sure it has helped me keep my mind off the ‘obsession’ but as long as I can get it under control ill be able to teach myself about the good relationship w food.

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