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I dislike the idea or logging everything I eat, I know there will be times I forget, and those times will throw me all off. So I was not really wanting to go this route. However, I feel going this route is very important for me to meet my 50 pound goal by June. It will remind me when I think I am hungry and going to grab an unneeded snack that, I only ate awhile ago, and to grab another glass of water.

Water has become my best friend. Just last year, if you would have told me this time next year I would be drinking nothing but water, I would have laughed at you. Whenever I drank water, I felt like I was going to get sick. It has almost been 10 months, and that is all I have been drinking. Yes I have a soda every so often to treat me, but it is usually something from the Soda Stream, or a Coke Zero!

Jen over at Mommy’s Hangout told me once, as soon as you start drinking water your body will start craving it, guess what shes right. Another great thing about drinking water all the time, is I am not drinking some of my calories, that I can be using towards snacks!

So even though you might think logging your food intake is a waste of time, the scales will thank you!

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  1. I get so bored with just plain water.. I sub a little apple or white grape juice so I can get daily water intake in. And like you have to have a Coke Zero once in a while. My goal is 30lbs

    • Hi Karen, I wanted to let you know you also was the winner of Big Yoga, I sent your info to the sponsor so when you get it please let me know! Yea, drinking plain water can be boring all the time, that is why I grab something else to drink every so often. Good luck on that goal!

  2. CA Monkey Momma says:

    LOL I love that you point out that by drinking water, you save calories for snacks! LOL I’ve been trying to drink more water, too. Especially here in the desert, you HAVE to drink a lot of water. My body doesn’t yet crave it, but I think that’s b/c I’m still drinking a lot of soda. I’m determined to cut out that addiction and replace it with water, though!!!

    Okay, I know this sounds weird – but since moving to primarily water, is you urine clear? LOL One year, an aunt of mine drank nothing but water (she was dieting too) and within a couple months, her urine went clear. LOL She went to the doc for something unrelated and they had her pee to test it and the lab tech didn’t believe she really peed in the cup! HAHAHA

    • I am trying so hard to stay in the 1500 calorie range and eat 3 meals and 2 snacks. My calorie intake yesterday was about 1455! I was eating every few hours, so this turned out great. When I was drinking soda I was drinking over a 2 liter by myself, a 2 liter has over 800 calories! That is more then my calorie intake for breakfast, lunch and a snack for yesterday! eek!!!

      I am suppose to be drinking about 140ounces of water a day, I am under that by a lot still, my urine is a lot lighter, they say once it goes clear then you know you are getting the proper amount of water your body needs.

  3. Awesome!!!!! hubs and I were talking about yoga when I first entered to win. I told him about it and he is encouraging me to try it out. He will be my partner. as we get older, we just don’t bend like we used to. I learned a lot during my Physical therapy the last few months with simple yoga techniques. Each when I go I learn a bit more.

    • Oh how I know with age the body doesn’t want to move right no more! I didn’t know what about vitamin b, but I have heard from several people they say that if you are getting enough it should be clear.

  4. yep I think the urine will stay clear if you drink a lot of water.. I heard if colored you are not drinking enough water, plus if you take b vitamins, your urine flushes out the excess that you don’t need.

  5. Susan Kennedy says:

    Don’t forget that you can always have a cup of tea or coffee instead of jut plain water. If you don’t have milk or sugar it won’t be making you fat, plus it has anti-oxidants. I have heard it suggested that green tea can help weight loss, but I don’t know if that is a real thing or just a scam to sell more tea – I like the taste anyway so I’ll keep drinking it!

    • Your correct Susan, however I am a sugar girl, so it is best I stick with water, I can not drink my coffee black, and I have been learning having other forms of sweetener = bad. I have read I could sweeten with a little honey, but I think water is my best bet. Also one can add a bit of fresh fruit juice, to get a little more flavor added.

      I have heard green tea helps you in a lot of ways, I have yet to try it, I am a bit scared! lol

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