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From Fat To Fit

A Little About Carole Carson:

Carole Carson, dubbed “An Apostle for Fitness” by the Wall Street Journal, is the author of From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction. Just before turning 60, Carole decided to reinvent herself. After chronicling her transformation from butterball to butterfly in weekly newspaper articles, she invited others in her Northern California community to join the fun. Inspired by her example, more than 1,000 ordinary people teamed up to lose nearly 4 tons of fat in two months during the Nevada County Meltdown. Read More About Carole…

My Thoughts:
Losing weight is not easy, those who have never had a weight problem have no clue. I often see smaller people talk about how if the bigger person would work out, eat less and move more they wouldn’t be fat. Well sometimes, it is hard to work out, sometimes certain conditions makes it hard for one to lose weight even if they are working out. Sometimes a heavier person is ashamed of what they have become. I have went to the track to walk before only to get a feeling that people in the houses by the track was watching out their windows and laughing at the fat girl.

One thing I found while reading From Fat To Fit by Carole Carson is I am not alone, a lot of heavier people are ashamed and have a hard time admitting they need help. I mean when it comes to losing weight it becomes a lot easier if others are cheering you on and working with you to drop those pounds as well.

I love how Carole had the strength to watch everything she ate, and the workouts, basically the commitment. I even found myself laughing at certain parts in the book!

As I was reading this book, I kept saying to myself if Carole can do it so can I, after all I am half her age there is no reason why I can’t do it right? In the book Carole gives helpful tips, and suggestions on how to become healthier. One of the tips I found the most helpful, is when a recipe calls for sugar, to either use splenda, or cut the amount you use in half. I am going to try this to see if it does mess with the taste at all, this is one way to enjoy some sweets without adding tons of calories to your daily amount.

I will be using Carole as my inspiration on my goal to drop 170 pounds! Everytime, I want to give up and I do not want to work out, I am going to run it in my head, if Carole can so can I. I think this kind of attitude is what we need to have when trying to battle the pounds.


You can purchase From Fat To Fit on Carole Carson’s website, which retails for $14.95. I highly recommend this book if you are needing encouragement. There was times when Carole wanted to pick up and move, but she kept on trucking and dropping those pounds, she ended up losing more inches then her goal.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of From Fat To Fit by Carole Carson for my honest opinion. No other form of payment was received, and other opinions may vary.

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  1. Carole Carson says:

    You’ve written one of the most heart-felt reviews of my book that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. You are so right on when you say that only those of us who’ve watched the numbers rise on the scale can ever know how badly we feel, how hard we’ve tried or how discouraged we’ve become. If nothing else, I hope my book gives comfort to individuals like you and me. We’ve taken a terrific beating–sometimes at the hands of others, but mostly in response to our own self-criticism.

    What’s wonderful is when we lighten up about the whole matter and realize we can laugh with friends and family who are in the same predicament. Once we go public and team up with like-minded spirits, all things are possible. And isn’t that the most amazing news of all?

    Carole Carson

    • Carole, Thanks for those kind words, this comment has made my night! Some people will never know the pain we feel at a heavy weight, and those that think we can not hear the whispers are wrong and it makes it worse. We are our own critics we do not need others telling us what we already know!

      This is not an easy battle but it will be one I will win, you, yourself will be my encouragement. Your book will sit close by, so when I get discouraged and get off track, I can say to myself, Carole did it so can I. My 9 year old daughter is my support, she gets up and works out with momma, and if I have not worked out yet, all I hear is, “are we going to work out yet” So that means get my butt in gear!

      You amaze me who would have known it would take one person, and a newspaper to get the whole community moving!

      God Bless


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