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Awe yes a sauna suit! I have been hearing so much about sauna suits lately, I had no clue what they was until recently. I was talking with Jen from over at Mommy’s Hangout and she was telling me all about them, telling me I had to get one! See us bloggers do talk, we do recommend awesome products to each other.

She told me I could get one from Wal-mart for about 10 bucks! So I went to and did a search, and sure enough I could get one for $7.77, check out the price! They say 3 sevens is good luck, wonder if that is why the price is $7.77.

So since I have been doing so great on my own losing weight and inches, I decided to go spend the money and get me one. Off to Wal-mart my family went, I found the suit, was a bit worried it would not fit, the size of xl/xxl is a waist of  I think 33 to 44 inches, the site says 30 to 38inches. I bought it anyways got it home, put it on the top fit great, the bottoms, whew I had a bit to get them on but I did indeed get them on.

I wanted to put this suit to the test!

I go out to the living room, and get my husband to take a picture of me looking like a spaceman LOL (no I am not going to put up the pictures of my fat behind, once I start losing more weight and when one can really tell, I will put before and after pictures! Right now I am not ready to expose myself completely), then I get on the elliptical machine! Within a few minutes I could feel the sweat running down my back, arms, and legs. Whew was all I could say, I did a 10 minutes on the elliptical, then sat around in the sauna suit for a good hour, when I went to take off the sauna suit it was soaked!

I will for sure be wearing this at least an hour a day.

The Sauna Suit is made from 100% pvc, you have to be careful when wearing this, because you do sweat a lot, and may dehydrate you, so make sure to stay well hydrated so you do not do more harm to yourself!

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  1. HAHA! I am glad that you like it! I love mine!

  2. CA Monkey Momma says:

    That’s such a weird concept. When I finally start doing a work out regimen, I’ll definitely have to get this! I’ve never even heard about these before. LOL

    • I never heard of it either until Jen told me about it, it makes you sweat BAD! I love mine, but I can only wear it bout an hour to an hour and a half! When I take it off I am soaking wet…

  3. Christine says:

    I too, LOVE my sauna suit. I started wearing trash bags years ago to sweat off pounds and got used to the heat and sweat…in fact my skin has never looked better. Sauna suits are a different fit, a bit rougher on the skin than trash bags…but you don’t get as many looks wearing them. Have any of you tried putting aloe on your skin before putting the suit on? Great conditioning!

  4. Sauna suits do make you sweat I totally agree with that. I have had my share of them over the years and the results were tremendous, as long as my diet was on point. For detoxification hands down they are the best.

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