The Biggest Loser

This is my first year, watching The Biggest Loser, I have heard about it before, but never really got into the show. This year as I watched the first episode, I seen one of the girls being almost my size. As she was going up to the scale I looked at my daughter, and asked her if I looked like that, she of course said no, that she thought the girl was bigger them me. Well to be honest she wasn’t we was the same size.

I got so sick to my stomach, because I was then disgusted with myself. I mean I do not look in the mirror often, usually when I get out of the shower and that’s it.I have a low self esteem problem as it is, no need to look in the mirror, only to make it worse.

That day right there, is when I new I had to get my ass in gear and do something about this weight problem. I mean if Arthur can do it, so can I.

I think if one keeps a positive attitude about it all, they will see results. I try to stay as positive as I can, so that I do not get discouraged, I was wanting to step on the scales all day today, because seeing that number go down, gives me more and more hope that this is possible.

Today, over all though was a good day, I looked at the scales all sad, because I wanted it to tell me GOOD JOB KEEP GOING. I did a 25 minute on the elliptical, got some hour work done, and stayed under my 1500 calories.

Some times it is a bit hard to calculate the number of calories you are consuming, especially when you make a meal with several product in it. I am not getting the fruit I should be, :( I need to get something to have on hand at all times… Even if it is apples, and oranges.

Another thing I found out tonight, is ground sirloin has less calories then ground turkey! The package of ground sirloin said it has 190 calories for a serving which is 4 ounces, the ground turkey package said it has 240 calories per 4 ounce serving. I would have never thought that was the case if I wouldn’t have looked.

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  1. CA Monkey Momma says:

    Yeah that thing about the sirloin IS crazy. I would have just assumed that the turkey would be less. Guess it goes to show you never know where good healthy foods are hiding. ;)

    Sorry that seeing someone around your size made you depressed :( If anything, though, it was a good thing to happen b/c it gave you the motivation you needed. I avoid those weightloss shows :/ Maybe if I watched them I’d get the motivation, too. I watch that “I Used To Be Fat” show and it does make me second-guess snacks.

    • Yea, a friend went to the store with me, and she was telling me ground beef doesn’t have much more calories in it then the ground turkey, so when I went to cook tonight I looked and seen the ground sirloin had 50 less, and the ground chuck has 50 more. I was like damn I need to buy the sirloin, but its a bit pricey.

      I watch The Biggest Loser and Heavy, it makes you think that is for sure, and you can snack you just need to know when its a snack, and not a meal… I want another baby so bad, I need to lose weight in order to get my body back on track. Long story!

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