Internet Tech Support STINKS

We have always had issues with our tech support for our internet. They are a local company so they can get away with giving crappy service, and support because they know people will not leave them.

Whenever I have issues and I contact them they make me look like the idiot, I have been told to shut off my computer because my speed is crap, I have been told to unplug my modem for at least an hour because my speed is crap, and the funny thing, I do none of that… and guess what, it magically comes back. I personally think the company tries to pull a fast one, but I am just to smart for them, and when I notice my internet being sluggish I head over to to confirm what I already new.

Well, recently I have been having a lot of issues with my email, this is the email I get from them. I try to send email only to get this error…

The message was rejected for the following reason: Permanent Failure: Message delivery failed. If you believe this message is an error, please review the User Service Agreement and contact Support..

This has been happening a lot in the past week. I was trying to respond to a few pitches and got it, waited a few hours then it sent. Then yesterday I tried to send out winner emails, and both emails I sent I got that message and the message went no where. I tried over and over for at least 2 hours then I contacted my tech support for my email. Wanna hear what they tell me to do? Check your spam settings… Can someone PLEASE tell me WTF my spam settings have to do with outgoing mail, outgoing mail that my email provider is NOT letting passed their outgoing mail servers… These emails ONLY contained text in them, so I wasn’t violating no TOS or anything.

So when I get the email this morning asking me to forward them the email that is getting sent back, I got pissed… Are they NOT reading my emails… in the VERY first one I told them when I go to send an email, I get an error… Then it asks for the error message, again in the first email I gave them the error message, this time they assume there was a error code in there some where… HELLO IF THERE WAS AN ERROR CODE I WOULD HAVE GOOGLED IT AND FIXED IT MYSELF!

So I responded back letting them no I gave them what it told me, I gave it to them several times because they are not getting the clue… I informed them I would use a different provider, so for those needing to get a hold of me you can now do so at jammie AT theneatthingsinlife DOT com yes I finally set up my email for my domain.

I let my other provider no that if I get the error again I will be sure to screen shot it so they have a direct picture of this error sitting in front of them, seems they only know how to do things with pictures.

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