Library, Security Deposit, Are You Kidding Me!

Since when do libraries charge a security deposit? You know I thought me having to pay a 400 dollar security deposit to get the electric put in our name was a bit over board, but a security deposit to check out a book… Come on… We still do not have the electric in our name, because something just doesn’t sit well with me having to just give this company 400 dollars for the hell of it, we know once we give them that money we will never see it again…

Anyhow, today Gillian and I decided we would go to the Library, she picked out two books, and I picked out two different GED books, one for my husband to study the math, the other for him to practice the test… He is trying to get his GED so he can go to college and work on bettering his education so he can get a better job to provide for his family. However, he is having a hard time with the math so I figured this would help him better understand it all.

Gillian, and I get up to the counter to check out the books, only to be told since I was checking out reference books I would have to pay a deposit of half the books value… So to check out 2 different GED books, I would have to pay $20, I would get it back once I returned the books…. Are you flipping kidding me!

The funny thing is I have checked out reference books from this Library before and NEVER once, had to pay a deposit… Shit the Twilight books are worth more then the books I was trying to check out, do they need a deposit too. I do not know how many brand new books, I have taken up there and donated to them… I mean books I have read once, books I have reviewed on my blog, books I have won… This is the most ridiculous crap I have ever heard. I put the books back and walked out… I will NEVER check out another book from this library nor will I ever donate another book to this library.

Ironic thing about all this…Taken directly from their facebook page!

The Munford Tipton County Memorial Library is dedicated to providing all citizens of Munford and its surrounding areas free and equal access to information, knowledge, and the joys of reading.

I went to their facebook page and bitched about this, and this is what they said…

Munford Tipton County Memorial Library The reason that we require a deposit on reference books is so that patrons can physically check the books out from the library. Traditionally, reference books are not allowed to be checked out (of any library) due, in part, to the high cost and demand for the materials. Under the guidance of our regional overseeing library, Forked Deer, Munford Library decided to begin allowing patrons to check reference books out, as long as a deposit is put down first. This deposit is returned to the patron when the materials are returned.

I know this is not true, as stated I have checked out reference books before from this library, and when I was in HS I remember checking out reference books from our local library for book reports. I think this new librarian they decided to hire needs to do some more research on how a damn library is suppose to work.

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  1. I can’t believe that they do that and then say that it offers free services. Some people don’t have the money to check them out, even if they do get it back when they return it.
    I didn’t know that you could check out the reference books in any library

    • Yea, I have checked out reference books from this library before, this lady is just a beep and I do not like her, she is awful loud in that library. I miss the other librarian. It is okay, I won’t go back to that library again!

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