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I have been really thinking about making one of the spare bedrooms, into my workout room/office. I want a place where I can keep track of all my weight-loss information. You know my helpful resourceful books, my tape measure, my food journal, and of course my workout equipment!

So, lately I have been checking out some modern office furniture, I want it to be a fun room. Bright colors, and just like a lot of life, I want this room to bring me MORE motivation, not make me feel all like blah. I figured if I can spruce a boring room up, with bright items, including my workout equipment, I will be that much closer to hitting my goal weight by this summer!

I am thinking I have to have a desk, and a fancy chair, nothing that will make my butt hurt though, that will turn me off the room. I want a big fluffy purple bean bag, something I can crash down on, after a hard workout, maybe a few pictures, so I can see first hand why I am doing this. I think pictures are great motivators.

I would love to have a small fluffy carpet, so that I can relax my feet, you know they need some tender loving care as well, I mean after all they are helping me reach my goal weight so I have to take care of them!

I can just picture my dream workout room in my head, this will definitely be a room, I spend a lot of my time in!

Disclosure: sponsor post for CSN Stores, this post is my own, and will be my dream workout room one day.

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